Fish Hawkers 2018

Working with Encounters Arts ( and Brixham Museum  I worked with a diverse range of local participants all bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills. Based on the seldom heard and unrecorded story of the Fish Hawker women of mid 19th Century in Brixham, this project uncovered lots of oral history and created new works including three embroidered 'fish hawker' aprons, a new folk song, a new fish hawker basket and three banners.

The procession through Brixham to Fish Stock generated great interest from those watching us pass by, and the performances of the song, both on the street and on the main stage at Fish Stock, were well received.

I'm hugely grateful to be able to work with communities and individuals to create something like this, which takes on it's own life and goes on well after the project itself os over.

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