I am an activist, mother and civic artist, and an active member of Culture Declares Climate and Ecological Emergency https://sites.google.com/view/culturedeclaresemergency/home

Working across a variety of mediums and with multiple collaborators, my practice is underpinned by a fascination of biodiversity in all its forms.   

My aim is to make work that catalyzes creative expression and nurtures the power of an individual and a group to make change. It involves exploring different forms of value systems and social currencies and urgently investigating our relationship with the natural world.

Naïve and Folk art are my main aesthetic inspirations and with a background in story making, I am interested in how we relate to one another, the natural world and the current ecological crisis with a new voice and a new narrative. 

I believe that making in its purest form, whatever the ‘make’ might be, creates a potent stirring of activism and is a revolutionary thing to do when we have largely been incapacitated to act creatively and made mute through an extreme consumer culture. 

Having trained at St. Martins’ School of Art  (Fine Art Painting) and then Dartington College of Art (MA in Arts and Ecology) I am committed to creating work in a sustainable way and through working across disciplines to bring to life areas in contemporary culture that are at best overlooked and sometimes even abused.  Championing the need for biodiversity and catalysing change is my main motivation.